Using The Optishot Simulator For Consistent Golf

Ask Yourself 

Does My Golf Game Suffer From...

*NOT having Enough Time To Play

* Lack of Practice Time or Money

* Thinking Spending $15 For a Bucket of Balls is Crazy

*Practice Drills That Suck

*Little or No Feedback On My Swing

* NOT Having a Plan For Improving

*Listening To Too Many So Called Experts

The Optishot Simulator

I began my golf improvement journey 2 years ago in my garage. Just like you I was determined to improve my golf game but did not have the time, money or knowledge to get it done. I was not long off the tee and had a mean slice with my irons. I was your average golfer but knew I had the potential to break 80.

My background as teacher and high school coach gave me confidence that i could learn to play better but I needed a plan. The plan started with the Optishot Golf Simulator my wife purchased for me for Christmas. Once I got that system my obsession took off. I built a budget simulator (my first true home project) and started researching (I am a teacher remember) how to break 80. Focusing solely on my iron accuracy, I soon turned my slice into a slight draw. I was a consistent shot maker. In fact in the last 3 tournaments i have played I won a closest to the pin in 2 of them (hitting to within 6 feet).  The Optishot changed my game and I feel I am ready to share some of my breakthroughs with others.

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July 2019

Are You Frustrated!!

If you are like me, you have tried everything to improve your golf but just haven't found the success you are looking for. You want to be a consistent and confident golfer but have too many swing flaws and not the time or money to get it done. I understand your frustration as I have been in your shoes but I think I have some answers. Using this site and the Optishot Simulator, i will try to walk you through how I have improved my swing and become more confident in my golf game. My swing is not perfect but I am closer to my goal of breaking 80 then ever before and it all started with putting an Optishot Simulator in my garage. From there I have developed a practice plan and hit over 10,000 shots using Optishot simulator and am ready to share some of the ups and downs. If you are frustrated like I was then...



The Optishot Simulator is your ticket to a consistent golf game!

What is the Optishot?

The Optishot Simulator is a virtual golf system thats allows golfers to play full rounds or just practice on the driving range right at home. After each shot the system gives real time feedback on some of the most important swing stats. Play golf in the comforts of your own home hitting real, foam or even no golf balls. So start your journey to improvement now by getting the Optishot Simulator for your home for under $400.

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Get started by getting a golf simulator and a golf improvement app to track all your stats.

The Optishot Simulator

Get a simulator now so you can start practicing. This simulator can be used with real, foam or no golf balls.

Golf All Year App

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Learn How To Become A Consistent Golfer In 5 Steps

#1   Build

Using my step by step guide to building your Optishot simulator room you can be up and running for under $1500


#2   Road

The next step is to understand what you need to do each round to break 80

#3 Practice

The 3rd step is to practice daily using drills that will help your swing

#4   Stats

Next, you need to know what stats are important and how to measure your improvement

#5 Adjust

Finally we need a system built for the average golfer that will help us make swing adjustments based on the feedback we get.

Improve Your Iron Accuracy - Take Our FREE Challenge

Take our iron accuracy challenge and see how you rank against tour players. Similar to the Trackman Combine, this FREE test will give you a score that you can use to improve your game. Download the Excel Worksheet and see how accurate you are with your irons.