Tathata Golf Training – 60 Days To Better Golf

Writers call it a “block” while others might call it “lack of inspiration”, either way sometimes you just need some motivation. That motivation for me came in the name of Tathata Golf. Thats right Tathata, which means “suchness” or according to Tathata Golf, “a complete understanding and all-knowing”. I was in a rut in my golf practice, I was confused and in the process I began to regress. I stopped practicing and lost all understanding of my golf swing. That is where Tathata Golf comes in. The idea of combining golf training with both martial art movements and the movement of the greatest golfers/athletes of all-time really intrigued me. These thoughts as well as being able to practice from my very own living room and improve in only 60 days made Tathata a no brainer.

Tathata Golf Training

The Goals

My ultimate goal is to improve my golf swing and break 80 next year (2018). I had this goal last year and did not accomplish it.

Improve my swing being more consistent and driving the ball farther. I hope to consistently hit with an inside/out swing path, closed clubface and more and add 10 mph to my swing speed.

I also would like to provide an honest review of the Tathata Golf training program

The Plan

Using Tathata Golf and my Optishot Golf Simulator, I plan to provide a review of the 60 day training program and curriculum weekly.  I will follow the steps to the best of my ability and giving an honest review of the training of Tathata.

Join In

Join me in the journey to better golf through Tathata. Sign up for a membership with me and review the program along side me.

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Golf Training Program