Optishot Resources and Accessories For Improving Your Game

Many have asked me to put together a list of the best Optishot resources that I use to improve my game. I have created this short Optishot resource guide to help those just getting started with their journey to break 80. These resources include best products for building a golf simulator room to training programs to book and apps. Feel free to bookmark this page as I will be updating it as i find new Optishot resources.

Optishot 2 Simulator

The best budget golf simulator on the market. Tracks all important swing stats like clubface angle, swing speed and more. Read my review.

Projector Enclosure

Protect your short throw projector with this slick floor enclosure. Make your simulator room top notch.

Stance Mat

This 4 X 5 foot stance mat is a needed addition to your Optishot simulator. It is pre-cut for the Optishot and slip resistant.

Shagger & Feeder

Must have accessory for your golf simulator room.Shag balls easily and then feed them onto your Optishot.Get in more practice in less time for under $50.

Impact Screen

Pro Series Impact Screen is easy to put up and durable enough to take on the hardest hit balls. Read more about this screen's features.

Thick Optishot Turf

Improve your contact while protecting your Optishot swing pad. Heavy duty turf top covers all sides of the Optishot. Another must have for maximum improvement. Read more.

Simulator Side Nets

Protect against those wild shots that all amateur golfer hit. These 7 x 8 foot nets are easy to set up and thick enough to block a golf ball.

60 Day Training Program

Train your swing from home with this revolutionary 60 day program. Tathata Golf trains your mind, body and swing. Each lesson builds off one another to improve your golf. Read more.

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Putting Game Spreadsheet

Use this FREE excel spreadsheet to play the 54 putting game. Putt 5 balls at 9 different holes and get 1 point for each made putt and 2 points for each made putt on your first attempt. .

Stokes Gained Scorecard

Track your stats on each hole and find out the strengths and weaknesses in your game. This FREE scorecard is used to calculate Total Strokes Gained so you can lower your scores.

Putting Spreadsheet

Use this excel spreadsheet to track your putting. This 5 ball (45 total putts) game will test your 5 foot putts against the average for a pro. Track your putting and get better.

Fault Tree Worksheet

The Fault Tree will help you diagnose your swing problems and provide you simple ways to adjustments your swing.

FREE Worksheet Coming Soon.

Putting Stroke Analyzer

The Blast Motion Putting Sensor tracks all the important putting stats you need to become a better putter. Place the sensor on the top of your putter and see backswing speed, tempo, face angle and more. Read about this device.

Practice Stat Sheets

Use these FREE worksheets to track your shots on the driving range or when using the Optishot simulator. Compare your stats to that of a PGA pro.

Skill Assessment Page

Test your Iron accuracy and keep track of your progress. Hit 6 balls from 9 different distances and receive a score for how accurate you are to hitting your distance. For more on the Skills Assessment click HERE.

Practice Routine Scorecard

This is a 4-Day Golf Practice Routine that you can use to get better. Track your progress using this downloadable scorecard. More on the 4-Day plan click HERE.

Golf All Year Stats App (Try It Free)

Track your golf stats using our GPS tracking app. Get all the important stat you need to improve your game including: Strokes Gained, Greens in Regulation, Putting accuracy and much more.

Essential Book Library

These are my favorite books for the helping the average golfer improve. I will continue to add to this list as I am always reading and looking for ways to improve my game.


The Stack and Tilt system is made for the average golfer. With easy to follow and proven concepts this book by far has had the most influence on my golf game. Read more.


The perfect 30 minute practice guide is a must have for any golfer using the Optishot or wanting to get better. It focuses on proven drills that any golfer can incorporate into their practice sessions. This book was the basis for our Daily Practice.

Read my review of this book.


This book the best book for general golf drills. It has 120 drills broken down into 11 categories. Perfect to get any golfer started practicing.


This book written by top instructor David Leadbetter takes Ben Hogan's 5 lessons and breaks it down for the amateur golfer. A super guide to improving your swing.