Optishot Golf Simulator Package For Every Budget

You want to hit golf balls at home, then an Optishot golf simulator at only $300 is a steal. The problem is that you also an impact screen, a mat, a computer, a projector…blah blah blah. What you really need is an Optishot golf simulator package, an all in one kit to get you started. The Optishot golf simulator package makes it easy to play golf at home from day one. They are not made equal though. Which of these packages are going to make improve your experience? Which of these packages are in your budget?

Optishot Golf Simulator Package

Do It Yourself Optishot Package

If you are the type that likes to put your package together yourself so that you can get the best deal on each piece then take a look at our step by step guide below.

Optishot Golf Simulator Package – Step By Step Guide 


There are many ways to put together your Optishot. You can set it up inside your home, out in the garage or even in your living room.


Here are some of the other DIY projects:







Budget Optishot Package

Optishot 2 10 x 10 x 10 golf simulator basic package

This Optishot golf simulator package is just the basic setup that will get you up and running for under $1500.

What it includes:

 Optishot 2 Swing Pad (with 3 real courses)

 10 x10 x 10 Steel Cage

10 x 10 x 10 Net

 108 x 108 impact screen

 Optishot Padded 5 X 5 Mat

 3 Real Course


Whats Missing:

 Conduit for Screen





Best Value Optishot Package

Golf In A Box 3

This Optishot 2 package is the best value as you will really feel like you are on the course. It also includes a short throw projector which makes the graphics so much better.

What it includes:

 Optishot 2 Swing Pad (with 15 real courses)

 The Net Return 7’6″ Pro Series Golf Net

 The Net Return Pro Series impact Screen

 Optoma X305ST Short Throw XGA Golf Simulator Projector

 OptiShot Hitting Mat with swing pad insert

10′ USB Cable


Whats Missing:



What I would add:

To see our accessories list – Click Here


Get this package at:

Rain Or Shine Golf


If you want to get better at golf quickly then you need to look into getting an all-in-one package. No hassles, no worries with easy setup. Pick a simulator package that fits your budget and get on your way to breaking 80.



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