Optishot 2 Review After Over 5,000 Shots

Over 5,000 shots in a little over a year. I have hit ball after ball on my Optishot 2 golf simulator and seen the good and the bad of this machine. In addition, I have learned what works with this affordable at home golf system and how to use it effectively. The Optishot 2 is not meant for everyone but is a great option for many. After hitting 50 shots a day for 3 weeks straight,  I wanted to provide a comprehensive Optishot 2 review.


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The Optishot 2 golf simulator is very affordable and easy to use. It comes with the sensor system, turf top, USB cords, downloadable software and foam balls and tees. The simulator has many great features including swing statistics, a driving range, 15 courses, online play and pinpoint targets. It is not the most accurate on the market but for the average golfer is a great practice and play tool. Read a more indepth review of the Optishot 2 below.

Optishot 2 Review

The Good


When I first saw the Optishot, I could not believe the price. To be able to play and practice with real golf balls in the comforts of my own home for as low as $300 is amazing. I did a little research and no golf simulator compares in price. The low-end simulators can run over $3,000 while the high-end can run up to $50,000. The price point of all the other simulators on the market put them out of reach of the average golfer. The Optishot 2 on the other hand is very affordable yet still has the features needed to improve your golf game.

Ease of Use

The Optishot is super easy to set up and use. Just download the Optishot 2 software onto your computer and then plug-in the system via USB. Setup your username, player and clubs and you are ready to hit your first ball. You can just swing without a ball which is great for the home or office use or you can hit real balls into the net. Furthermore, it is easy to play a round of golf on one of the 15 famous replica golf courses that come with the game. Simply click “Play Game”, choose the course you want to play and you are ready to play 18 holes. There a lot of features that you can control but if you want to get playing right away, few systems are quicker.

Swing Stats

The Optishot 2 for being by far the most affordable simulator, does a great job giving swing stats that the average golfer can understand. Golf is a complex game and can overwhelm a golfer with too many swing thoughts. The Optishot focuses on the stats that matter most such as swing path, clubface angle, tempo and clubhead speed. It doesn’t take a mathematician or rocket scientist to decode the stats in order to improve. The stats are easy to read with the Optishot’s numbering system where positive stats are those moving away from you (Open, Inside Path) and negative stats moving towards you (Closed, Outside Path).

In addition, it keeps your swing history and even allows you to import it to excel for easier analysis. The system will average your stats per session or you can see your average stats monthly or even all time. You can also see target stats (called Pinpoint Practice) such as how many shots hit within 15 or 30 feet or how many shots hit the middle of the fairway. These are very valuable in developing accuracy in your swing. I use the Optishot swing stats everyday in my Break 80 Challenge and do drills to help my game because of its simplicity.


The Optishot 2 is so versatile that you could take it anywhere if the software is downloaded on a laptop. Take it to the office to practice your swing or take it out in the backyard and hit into a net. You don’t HAVE to buy the impact screen or projector to enjoy the Optishot. In fact, many people will download the software on a computer and then connect the computer to a big screen tv to enjoy 4K graphics. The Optishot 2 is an inexpensive way to play golf anywhere.

Online Play

No Optishot 2 review would be complete without talking about the social aspect of this golf simulator. For an additional $49 or $99 you can join one of Optishot’s online tours. You can play for great rewards and compete against players that are similar to your playing ability. This is great way to test your skills or just find other players that enjoy golf. Either way, it is an inexpensive way to enjoy golf at home.

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The Bad


The Optishot 2 review is not all roses. It does have some accuracy issues. The Optishot 2 uses 16 optical sensors that fire pulses of infrared light straight up and expect to see the light straight back down. This can cause some misreads and accuracy problems. The misread is one of the main drawbacks of the Optishot. It is not as accurate as some of the more expensive simulators out there. Because the Optishot 2 ONLY tracks the club and not the ball the accuracy of some shots are compromised. This can be very frustrating. Sometimes I will hit what feels like a horrible shot and it will fly perfectly. I have even hit a 300 yard drive because the sensors misread the club.

In addition, many shanked shots will not be accurately replicated on the system. I have almost broken my garage window with a real ball only to see that my shot hit the green. In order for the Optishot 2 to be as accurate as the other models it would need to add ball sensors. The accuracy is a problem at times but does not detract from the overall enjoyment of the simulator.

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I am not a big fan of chipping or pitching on the Optishot. It seems that a punch shot is the best choice most of the time. I am not sure I can use the same swing out on a real course and have success. Furthermore, hitting out of the sand does not seem to be as realistic as it is on the course. You can’t hit behind the ball like you must do in the sand and have success. Again, I have found a punch shot very effective in sand situations. If chipping is a big problem in your game, you may want to practice somewhere else for better results.

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Turf Top

My Optishot 2 review recommends that the first thing you upgrade is the the turf top. The top is very thin and not very forgiving. I found myself hitting the ball really thin for fear of my club bouncing off the turf. If you are used to hitting off driving range mats you might find it comforting but for me I need it to feel more like real grass. I bought an inexpensive alternative turf top that you can see on one of my other Optishot 2 review posts.


The Optishot 2 is a great entry-level simulator that provides the average and beginning golfer a great way to practice at home. It is easy to use and very versatile for the price. The swing stats don’t overwhelm a golfer yet are very informative. The Optishot is not the most accurate model out there and will frustrate at times. Furthermore, some upgrades are needed such as the turf top, an impact screen and a projector to really get the full experience. You can easily upgrade to a top simulator room with my step by step simulator builder or you can go super inexpensive and play without a ball all together. For the price and simplicity, you can not go wrong purchasing a Optishot 2. For a more comprehensive Optishot 2 review click HERE.

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