2 New Golf Training Aids That I Am Getting For The Holidays

Every year at this time I like to look into getting some new golf training aids to help me improve for the next year. I am continually striving to break 80 and Improve my swing. There are many golf training aids out there that promise to make you a better golfer. You could get all types of equipment from helping cure a slice, to your grip to creating more speed. So which training devices am I targeting this year?…ones that focus on IMPACT and CONTACT. All great golfers strike the ball the same way (which I will talk about later in the article) so I wanted to get golf training aids that help me improve my impact position.

Best Golf Training Aids

Improve Your Impact Position and Contact

The importance of striking the ball with your hands forward and lead arm straight can not be understated. It is so important to have the proper impact position so that you can compress the ball consistently and make good contact. Lead wrist is straight and trail arm under the lead arm will help avoid the dreaded flipping of the club. Weight should be forward and head steady. Better Impact + Better Contact = Better Golf.

To practice this position this year I am going to try out the following golf training aids:


DST Compressor Golf Club (8 Iron)

Already on its way, this club is my favorite training aid that I am going to use this year. The DST Compressor is a funky looking club that has a curved shaft. The curved shaft is said to help you achieve the proper starting and finishing position. It has an alignment sight for your setup so that you can get the hands and shaft in the right spot. The training aid has a curved shaft which “represents a normal shaft under maximum load during impact”, meaning it replicates impact feeling. See how it works HERE.

What I like about this training aid is that I can actually hit balls with this club. I also like that it trains your hands and body to feel what good impact feels like.

See my review of the DST Compressor (Coming Soon)


The Bomb-It Mini Driver


This golf training aid is one on my wish list. As a player who does not hit it a long way, I need any training device that can help with that. The Bomb-It Mini is a club that will train you to hit the ball in the sweet spot every time. With better contact comes better distance and more fairways hit. Every golfer could use more distance and better contact so this club is a must.

What is it?

This club is like a regular driver but has a club head so small (about the size of the ball) that you must make good contact to just hit it. Because the sweet spot is small it makes you really focus and slow down your swing to make contact. This is one of the top training aids in teaching you how to hit the sweet spot of club increasing your distance and control. I also love the fact that it is challenging. You can work on hitting this club on the range, on your golf simulator or even on the course. The main idea: “aim small, miss small”.

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See my review of the Bomb-It Mini Driver (Coming Soon)

Im hoping these two training aids are going to make me a better golfer with increased distance and control. My goal is to break 80 consistently and i will be adding these tools my tool box going into the new year. Check back later for my reviews of each of these golf training aids.

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