The Swing Lab: Golf Swing Mechanics – Tips #11-#20


What is the Swing Lab?

This is the place where I will be experimenting with my golf swing mechanics and testing out simple swing adjustments. Using tips from top golf instructors I will try the to make slight adjustments to the different parts of my swing such as grip, path, tempo, takeaway and more. The swing lab will be an archive of those adjustments and a review of how they worked for my specific swing mechanics.

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Golf Swing Mechanics

*These tips will focus on the swing mechanics from backswing to downswing to impact.

Tip #11 – Tempo

Martin Hall – Golf Channel

To improve your tempo, say "Alexander" as you take your backswing and "Cadugan"on your downswing. You should hit the ball as you finish saying "Cadugan"

Tip #12 – Hip Turn

The X-Factor Swing – Jim McLean

Hip Turn
Think RHB - Right Hip Back

Tip #13 – Shoulder Turn

The Complete Golf Manual – Steve Newell

Hip Turn
Turn Your Back On The Target

Tip #14 – Starting Downswing

Top Speed Golf – Clay Ballard

Hip Turn
Turn the change in your left pocket towards the target

Tip #15 – Downswing (Body)

The Eight- Step Swing – Jim McLean

Hip Turn
Compress the chest, tilting it slightly downward

Tip #16 – Downswing (Right Arm)

The Fundamentals Of Hogan – David Leadbetter

Hip Turn
Motion of the right arm is similar to underhanded sidearm throw

Tip #17 – Weight Shift

What The Pros Know (Golf Digest) – Sean Foley

Hip Turn
"80 percent on the back leg back at the top, 80 percent on the front leg at impact"

Tip #18 – Release


Tip #19 – Impact


Tip #20 – Finish


Golf Swing Mechanics…More Tips Coming Soon!

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