Golf Simulator Accessories That You Just Can’t Live Without

It doesn’t matter if you have chosen OptiShot, Skytrak or TruGolf as your simulator, you need these golf simulator accessories to make your experience complete. The golf simulator accessories below will make your golf practice easier and more efficient. They are simple and easy to use. These add-ons will not save you time and money but will improve your game. No longer will you need to go the driving range because you will have everything you need right in your golf simulator room.

Increased Enjoyment = More Practice = Better Golf

5 Best Golf Simulator Accessories

#1 Golf Ball Dispenser

I highly recommend an automatic golf ball dispenser. This is a must have item. The golf ball dispenser saves you time reaching down to pick up a ball to hit. I use to keep golf balls in my pocket and after I hit, I would throw another one down. Once I got a golf ball dispenser (I actually got the EZ Tee Tube Dispenser which is no longer available…I could actually pick up the balls with the tube and the tube would dispense them), it changed the amount of time I would practice. I began to hit more balls. It was easy to get another ball hit as all you do is hit the lever. Check it out…I think it is more than worth the investment.

#2 TerraShield Projector Enclosure

The Projector enclosure is a great addition to your golf simulator room. This box for your projector allows you to put your projector on the floor and keep it protected from golf balls. The TerraShield looks great and is for short throw projectors which are a must. No more mounting the projector on the ceiling which is not ideal for some simulator rooms and requires dealing with messy wiring. This golf simulator accessory is a must have for any true at home golfer.


#3 Eyeline Speed Trap Plane Trainer

This is one of my favorite golf simulator accessories. One of the main reasons we get a golf simulator is to improve our game. The Eyeline Speed Trap Plane Trainer will really help you get better at golf.

The first thing this golf training aid does is help you to hit the ball first. All great ball strikers hit the ball first and hit the same spot in front of the ball. This is one of the key premises of the Stack and Tilt golf system which I have written about here and then again here. As you swing at the ball the idea is to not hit the plastic in behind the ball, thus making solid contact and hitting the ball first. This will train you to hit the same spot every time.

Second, this training aid will help you get your swing on plane and make sure you take the club inside. The stand up posts prevent you from bringing the club too far outside and over the top. This device will help you get rid of your slice. The Speed Trap is a must for any golf room and one of my favorite golf simulator accessories.

#4 Putting Mat

If you own a golf simulator you will soon find out that putting using the simulator can be very challenging. It is hard to judge just how hard to hit the ball unless you have a putting mat in front of the sensors. This putting mat make putting more realistic and improves the experience. Though this mat is meant for the Optishot simulator, it can be adapted to any of them.

#5 SKLZ Glide Pad Divot Mat

The Glide Pad Divot Mat again helps you make your simulator experience more realistic. This golf accessory simulates real grass. It allows you to actually take a simulated divot as you swing. The pad slides forward on contact thus giving the feel of actually taking a divot. This will give you the feel of being on the course at your home. In addition you can take this mat to the range and use it there. A great accessory. Note: May not work with Optishot.

Dream Golf Simulator Accessories

For those that want to spend a little bit more an even better golf experience here is one of my dream golf accessories. This accessory may cost more then the ones above but will change your golf experience for sure.

X-Plate Variable Lie

The one complaint I have had with my golf simulator experience is that when I get on the course I don’t hit the ball as well as I do when at home. The reason is simple. When hitting on my golf simulator, the ball is always on a flat lie. Never am I practicing hitting off a slope. As any golfer will tell you, some of the hardest shots are the uphill, downline, or sidehill lies. The X-Plate Variable Lie stance mat solves this issue.

The X-Plate stance allows you to control the slope of the shot up to 35 degrees. The panels of the golf mat move and adjust to create any slope. If attached to Golfzon golf simulator it will automatically detect the slope and adjust. You can practice all those tricky shots that you will face on a real course. If you have the budget, want to improve and want a more real golfing experience then this one of the golf accessories that you must have.

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