Daily Practice – Tempo

Practice must be focused, determined and in an environment where there is feedback.

– Malcolm Gladwell

If you want to get better at golf then you had better practice and your practice better have a purpose. It must be focused on a topic and there must be some feedback involved. That is exactly what Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson set out to do in their books “The Game Before the Game” and “Every Shot Has A Purpose“. These two top golf instructors put together a system for purposeful practice that can help the average golfer improve. Every shot you take in your golf practice session must have a purpose but also must also fit into your busy life.

3 Parts To Any Purposeful Golf Practice:

  • Warm Up – What you do before hitting balls
  • Maintenance –  Drills to keep your swing performing efficiently
  • Preparation – Simulating golf and providing feedback on our game

Daily Practice

This is the place to come to get a daily practice routine to use. Each time to come back to this page, it will refresh with a NEW PRACTICE PLAN for you to use with drills from top golf instructors. Every golf practice session will include a Warm Up, Maintenance Drill, Preparation Shots (Track your shots with our practice stat sheets to get feedback on your game) and a 3 hole simulation drill. The practice session should take about 30 minutes to complete. I will be adding drills and plans so that you can golf all year-long at home. It is your personal golf practice instructor.



Warm Up

(10 x 10 sec.) Balance on one leg with eyes closed then the other



Drill #3 – Same Point

This drill also comes from Pia Nilsson and I call it the Same Point Golf Tempo Drill. It is very important to figure out how to control the tempo of your swing. For example you need to know what a 75% full swing is to hit a certain shot. You have to be able to adjust your swing and adjust your tempo to hit those special shots. This drill will help you identify those percentages.

To do this drill, take a 9 iron and hit it as far as you can. Now mark down how far it went and with each of your other clubs, try to take a full swing and hit that exact spot. Not easy but will help control your tempo.


Download the FREE practice stats sheets Below:


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Chart each shot on the practice sheets – Track your progress

(9x) Drives

(10x) Irons 100 – 125 yards

(10x) Irons 125 – 150 yards

(10x) Irons 150 – 175 yards

3 Hole Simulation


3 Holes Missing Every Green

Ask Yourself:

How many times were you able to get up and down?

Did you choose to miss the green on the correct side?

Did you change your thinking by missing the green?