3 Keys To An Easy Golf Swing – A System For The Average Golfer

August 2, 2018

K.I.S.S… “Keep It Simple Stupid”. ¬†Want an easy golf swing that can help you become a consistent golfer? Look no further than the Stack and Tilt Swing. I have been searching for the past two years to find an easy golf swing that I could implement and repeat over and over again. The Stack and Tilt solved my problem. As a coach and teacher for 30 years, I understand the…


How to hit a draw – Going from slice to draw in 5 steps

June 27, 2018

For the better part of my life, I was known for my tremendous fade. I played my fade to the best of my ability, playing the right side of the fairway to a mediocre mid 80’s round. I wanted to break 80 and wanted to know how to hit a draw. If I could hit a draw, I would get more distance and be more consistent.¬†Determined to improve my swing,…


4 Stack and Tilt Drills To Help Improve Your Iron Accuracy

August 9, 2017

Hit the ground in the same spot every time, enough power to play the course and controlling the shot direction. Those are the fundamentals of the Stack and Tilt golf swing. If you are looking to improve your iron accuracy, then Stack and Tilt is the swing for you. By practicing a few of the Stack and Tilt drills, you will be able to stay centered over the ball, get…


How The Stack And Tilt Golf Swing Can Help The Average Golfer With Consistent Ball Striking

July 22, 2017

At heart I am a contrarian. I like to take the side that may not be most popular. That I why I am intrigued by the Stack and Tilt golf swing. The Stack and Tilt golf swing goes against many of the fundamentals that the mainstream professionals teach. It is controversial. Its contrarian but it might be just what the average golfer needs to improve their ball striking. What is…


Stack And Tilt Swing: A Controversial Yet Compelling Golf Book

April 29, 2017

Aaron Braddeley, Mike Weir, Charlie Wii, Dean Wilson and Steve Elkington. What do all these tour pros have in common? If you guess that they all have won the PGA Tour, you would be correct but they also share something else…The Stack and Tilt swing. These pros converted to the unconventional swing and saw great success. The Stack and Tilt golf swing that these players have used is not for…