The Perfect Swing Sequence For My Golf Game: Soren Kjeldsen My Doppelganger

February 25, 2017

The hit TV show How I Met Your Mother made famous for me the term Doppelganger; a person who resembles another. The five characters in the show randomly come across their look-a-likes throughout the series. Well, I just recently came across my Doppleganger while searching for the perfect swing sequence to follow. Now, he does not look like me (he is much better looking) nor does he hit the ball…


8 Additional Drills For The Eight Step Swing by Jim McLean

February 20, 2017

Everyone is looking for a great golf swing system. One that is simple, effective and repeatable. For the average golfer, it is important to have the mechanics of the swing down so that the mental game can get better. One very popular swing system, is Jim McLean’s Eight Step Swing. This system is one of the most popular in the golf industry and has been around for some time. I…