7 Golf Impact Drills That Will Square Your Clubface

August 18, 2017

Best Impact Drills One of the hardest things to do in sports is to hit a golf ball straight. In order to hit the ball straight a golfer must bring the clubface back to the exact same position it started. Too open or too closed at impact causes spin on the ball and results in the dreaded “slice” or “hook”. Too many sliced drives or irons and the chance at…


Break 80 Update: Success With One Of The Best Golf Impact Drills

Another week in the books of my Break 80 Challenge. This past week was focused on improving my impact position. I went to work using 3 golf impact drills: Peter Kostis’s 2 x 4 Drill, Sean Foley’s 9 to 3 Drill and Zach Allen’s Belt Drill. These golf impact drills are designed to help me get the club and my body in the correct position at impact. Good ball strikers…

March 12, 2017

3 Easy Drills I’m Using For A Consistent Golf Impact Position

March 4, 2017

This week’s focus is on my golf impact position. I have been able to get my swing consistently on a straight or inside swing path so now I want to focus on my impact position. I need to be more consistent with my ball striking as I have fluctuated between a closed and open clubface angle over the past month. My goal is to be able to hit more greens…


Break 80 Update: Week #2 – Clubface Contact

February 10, 2017

Week 2 Working On: Clubface Contact This week I am going to be working on the clubface contact at impact. I need to have great contact with the ball at impact to have any chance to break 80. Furthermore, If I hit the ball on the toe or heel, I am going to lose swing speed and lose control of the ball. The 2 Tee Drill from Hank Haney is…