How To Build A Golf Stance Mat For Your Golf Simulator

When I first built my golf simulator room, I tried to use as many items from around my home to save some money. My golf stance mat is a perfect example of that. An old bunk bed provided the top, some used astro turf covered it and everything sat on some 2×4’s I found on the side of my house. Not the best golf stance mat but it worked. In…

January 5, 2019

$1000 Optishot Setup – No Experience Required

July 31, 2018

The Optishot setup seems simple but I am not a builder, in fact, I have never built anything in my life. Never played with legos as a kid, never built a fort and was never any good working with my hands. I am not handy around the house, so I have no idea what got into me to decide that I could be the Optishot setup guy. My expectations were…