Golf Weight Transfer For More Consistent Shots: Today’s Aha Moment

April 7, 2017

Simple, repeatable and Consistent. Those are the traits I look for in a good swing. As an average golfer, I have to be able to have a swing that works on the course even if it may not be perfect. A good swing for me needs to be simple to learn and understand. It has to be a golf swing that is repeatable time and time again and it has…


Short & Flat Backswing For More Power & Accuracy: Today’s Aha Moment!

March 9, 2017

Learn something new everyday! This week I really turned my research to improving my swing plane and trying to get an inside out path. As I was looking into the correct plane and came across a video of the great Johnny Miller. In the video, he talks about the benefits of a flat backswing (one where the arms do not rise above the shoulders). I was surprised to see this…


Going Deep With My Golf Takeaway: Today’s Aha Moment!

February 28, 2017

Learn something new everyday! Today, I decided to do a little more research on the golf takeaway and how to get into the right position. I am always looking for that visual image that I can use to improve. Something that I can relate to that is simple to follow. I found a couple of those visual nuggets in a video from Christo Garcia of and top 50 golf instructor Mike…


Today’s Aha Moment – The Key To A Better Golf Swing Is In The Left Heel

February 21, 2017

Learn something new everyday! Today, I ran across a video that showed many of the classic old school golfers lifting their left heel on their backswing. As they took the club back the left heel would come off the ground as the knee bent. It got me thinking…why do most golfers today keep the left heel DOWN? Even baseball players step with their lead foot or lift it off the…


Today’s Aha Moment! The Inside Swing Path Is About Being “IN”

February 14, 2017

Learn something new everyday! Find that daily “Aha Moment” that helps to make sense of the very complex. That is what I strive to do everyday with my golf swing. The golf swing is very complex and so I try to find something simple that makes me go “Aha!!!” Today, I had that “Aha Moment” as I was searching for help with my inside swing path. Aha Moment #1 “It…