The Average Golfer’s Guide To Break 80

How To Break 80 Using The Optishot Simulator

How Can an average golfer break 80 consistently using the Optishot 2 Golf Simulator?


Understand What It Takes To BREAk 80

What do golfers that break 80 do that the average golfer doesn’t?

I found that there are a few things that set the low handicap golfer apart. In Golf Digests article from 2008, it explains that the way to improve your score is by improved iron play. In particular, hitting more greens in regulation. To break 80 a golfer needs to hit at least 8 greens in regulation during a round. By hitting more greens a golfer can give him/herself a greater chance at birdie or par. With this knowledge, I will set out to hit at least 8 greens in regulation by doing the following:

Greens In Regulation


Hit the green on all par 3’s 70% of the time

Hit the green with my 9 iron 90%

8 iron 80%

7 iron 70%

6 iron 60%

5 iron 50%

All other irons/hybrids 40%


Swing Speed

The next criteria for breaking 80 has to do with getting in position to hit the green. I’m going to do this 2 ways. The first way is to hit the ball farther with my driver and the second is to hit the ball in the fairway more. According to a 2016 article by Jim Bowden, the average club head speed of a 14-15-handicap player is about 93.4 mph (214 yards).

So if my swing speed can reach 95 mph or better I should be able to reach most par 4’s in two shots.


Increase my swing speed to 95 mph

Hit the ball an average of 225 yards


Hit Fairways

Next, I will need to make sure that I am hitting the fairway. If I am in the woods my chances to hit the green will decrease greatly. Therefore, I will shoot for 60% fairways hit. Here is how I will do both of those:



Hit the fairway 60% of the time



Once I have my swing down, I will need to focus on another aspect of breaking 80 and that is putting. The players that shoot in the 70’s are good putters especially from 6 feet and in. Therefore, I will need to really work on my putting to get this done. I can use my Optishot golf simulator to do this but I may use my indoor putting green to give me a better feel. Here is what I will be shooting for in my putting:


Hit 50% of putts from 6 feet

Hit 90% of putts from 3 feet

Chip ball to inside 10 feet

Once you have an understanding of what it is going to take to break 80 you can begin to develop a practice plan.